Articulated Soul, now available!

Sometimes only poetry can articulate the soul. Sometimes only verse can communicate life in a new country. When rules change as frequently as weather, sometimes only poetry makes sense. Articulated Soul travels from Kansas to Austria, to Indonesia and beyond sampling local customs and fragrant emotions, sorting out a fragmented life through verse.

A blurb staff pick!


50 poems you can hold in your hands, featuring dusted collages and the scent of a freshly printed book.


Ideal to save on shipping outside of the U.S., the same 50 poems but with brightness you can choose.

Hard Cover

Can be used as reading material or spanking paddle. Whatever you’re into.

Of all the books of poetry ever written, this is certainly one of them.

About The Author

Josie Rozell is an indie poet and essayist, roaming around with pen in hand to articulate the human soul. She’s run 100 miles of a cancelled mountain race alone, thru-hiked New Zealand’s 1700km Te Araroa trail, and lived on five continents. She can be spotted in varying states of dehydration with her arms around a dog. For more poetry, google “Josie Rozell poetry”

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