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A 5-Minute Investment into a Morning Writing Routine

I recently acquired a copy of Tim Ferriss’ Tools of Titans, and snuggling into fuzzy socks on the living room couch with a cup of matcha tea, I voraciously attacked the gigantic 670-something paged Titan. And by attack, I mean “read-30-pages, went-for-a-run, read-30-pages, went-to-class” sort of slow digestion. Think slow attack. It’s a brilliant work of art. A collaboration of great, great minds all … Read More A 5-Minute Investment into a Morning Writing Routine


The Daunting Art of Meditation

  If you are interested in much of the literature and podcasts that I am, you’ve probably been bombarded with the idea of how beneficial and absolutely necessary meditation is to a well-balanced life. This is overwhelming. I  understand that meditation helps one to connect with onesself and the surrounding world , but the idea of spending 20-40 minutes in quiet, contemplative form is … Read More The Daunting Art of Meditation