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Singing my Soul: a Week of No Headphones

Two birthdays ago my father gave me a glorious pair of bluetooth running headphones, and they have served me faithfully; up and down mountains, on bike rides into the city, on trams and trains and leaning my head against plane window panes. I love writing to jazz. I love running to podcasts. I love a long bus ride with a good audiobook. I lost … Read More Singing my Soul: a Week of No Headphones


A Week With No Alarm

Tom Bilyeu, host of the Impact Theory Podcast, never sets an alarm to wake up in the morning. He lets his body tell him when he’s had enough, and attributes much of his creative energy to this connection. I am a regular listener of his podcast, and have admired this about him for a while. I wanted to do it, too, give it a … Read More A Week With No Alarm