“‘The things which hurt,’ wrote Benjamin Franklin, ‘instruct’.”

“You will come across obstacles in life–fair and unfair–and you will discover, time and time again, that what matters most is not what these obstacles are, but how we see them, how we react to them, and whether we keep our composure.”

“Desperation, despair, fear, powerlessness–these reactions are functions of our perceptions. You must realize: nothing makes us feel this way: we choose to give in to such feelings. Or, like Rockefeller, choose not to.”

“After all, you’re probably not going to die from this. It might help to say it over and over again whenever you feel the anxiety begin to come on. I am not going to die from this. I am not going to die from this. I am not going to die from this.”

“The task, as Pericles showed, is not to ignore fear but to explain it away. Take what you’re afraid of–when fear strikes you–and break it apart.”

“Genius is just persistence in disguise.”

“Their genius was unity of purpose, deafness to doubt, and the desire to stay at it.”

“Consider this mindset:

Never in a hurry.

Never worried.

Never desperate.

Never stopping short. “

“There is no need to sweat this or feel rushed. No need to get upset or despair. You’re not going anywhere. You’re not going to be counted out. You’re in this for the long haul.”

“It’s okay to be discouraged. It’s not okay to quit. To know you want to quit but to plant your feet and keep itching closer until you take the impenetrable fortress you’ve decided to lay siege to in your own life–that’s persistance.”

Read The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holliday.

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