“He saw the accomplished thing and knew that he would make it, and that it would be his masterpiece. Like all creators, he knew well that strange feeling of movement within the spirit, comparable only to the first movement of the child within the womb, which causes the victim to say perhaps with excitement, perhaps with exasperation or exhaustion, ‘there is a new poem, a new picture, a new symphony coming, heaven help me.'”

“The door opened and Polly came in with a heavy tray laden with pie, warm plates and a large brown steaming tea pot. Her face was flushed and beaming and instantly the atmosphere of the cold stuffy room was subtly changed because she was happy.”

“All of them, especially the Dean, seemed to live in a world where compassion was not necessary. He saw now that it was the very first necessity, always, and everywhere, and should flow between all men, always and everywhere. Men lived with their nearest and dearest and knew very little of them, and strangers passing by in the street were as impersonal as trees walking, and all the while there was this deep affinity, for all men suffered.”

This book will soften you.

Read The Dean’s Watch by Elizabeth Goudge.

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