The Son of Tarzan: 

“Meriem laughed. ‘The jungle,’ she said, ‘is my father and my mother. It has been kinder to me than have men. I am not afraid of the jungle. Nor am I afraid of the leopard or the lion. When my time comes I shall die. It may be that a leopard or a lion shall kill me, or it may be a tiny bug no bigger than the end of my little finger. When the lion leaps upon me or the little bug stings me, I shall be afraid–oh, then I shall be terribly afraid, I know; but life would be very miserable indeed were I to spend it in terror of the thing that has not yet happened. If it be the lion, my terror shall be short of life; but if it be the bug I may suffer for days before I die. And so I fear the lion least of all. He is great and noisy. I can hear him, or see him, or smell him in time to escape; but at any moment I may place a hand or foot on a little bug and never know that he is there until I feel his deadly sting. No, I don’t fear the jungle. I love it. I should rather die than leave it forever” (71).

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