“There are different ways of ‘getting lost’…in the context of exploring, we can think of it in terms of ‘existing in a state where you do not know where you are headed, exactly.’ In this sense we may choose to become literally lost, exploring a place we’ve never been before, or lost in the sense that we enter into a relationship with objects and ideas without knowing what the outcome will be.”

How to Wander Aimlessly: 

  1. Pick a day and a time
  2. Pack a bag
  3. Start heading in any direction. Act only on instinct.
  4. Do the opposite of what you think you should.
  5. If you start to think you are wasting your time, you’re doing it correctly.
  6. Keep going. Pay attention to the details. Lose all sense of time and place.


Read How to be an Explorer of the World: a Portable Life Museum by Keri Smith.

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