Jealous, she calls
for stardust 
and raises one fist high. 

She’s a miracle-
and younger than 

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Attempting to Make a Point

Poetry — what an objectively 
disagreed upon reality, filled to overflow 

with such things like fringe combs 

and metallic tea jugs. Best now 
to bring it to a boil, to set on 

the balcony railing and let seep 

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Legs like barnacles 
swing wide over the stone wall 
to wait the coming storm. 

Such joy in a white stucco world
of butterflies and garden gnomes
and fistfuls of choices for breakfast!

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Waikiki in June

“People Watching” Rozell, 2021.
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There can’t possibly be anything in the world more complicated 
than a sourdough starter. 

I feed Edgar every 24 hours, sometimes more 
if he moans and belches 

a watery black liquid. “Hooch” this is called, and apparently 
I am to stir it back in 

and just keep feeding. But Edgar doesn’t like the sun 
& doesn’t like the pantry 

& doesn’t like cool water and it must be filtered 
I ask you how I am to do this 

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With fistfuls of ocean, I scrub
the soles of my feet— 
exhausting flakes for the fish food 
watching the waves lose pieces 
in a fist fight with the breeze. 
I got a whole lotta sand 
to figure things out. 
The sun will wait for me 
patiently kissing umbrella clouds
til my blue towel be set near that low wall. 
Not for the first time do I wonder 
how long this will last. 

Harnessing light from underneath garage doors
I slide myself gently into the sea. 

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Start Here

Beginning is the most difficult. 

Here is this vision, this goal, this dream.

Here is the triumphant ending, here are the quick montage days of the “normal” middle, and here is the second breakfast on the unusually warm day and the little boy passing a granola bar through the car window while I rest my bicycle against my thighs at the traffic stop. 

What is that, there? 

What is that beginning but an unsanctimonious attempt at convincing the masses (yourself very much included) that the end goal is achievable, somehow, someday you will get to those middle days. 

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Wright’s Beach

If I am caught
hold tight the strings
against the seagull’s squalor

and tight against
the fading light. The children
shriek a sandy progress

and to my expedite delight
the winds that harness
heaven’s hurry take these

piercing shrieks far from me.
Far, far above the landscape
the corners of me

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Surf Guru’s Three Rules

The waves on south shore Oahu are limp during the winter months.

Adrenalized surfing doesn’t take place until April (really mid-May), when surprise swells from the Tasman Sea rip into the bays of Waikiki and Ala Moana. Sudden waves barrel on top of longboards, chipping them against the coral heads exposed during low tide.

And such a surprise swell last April!

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Three days before, the slip-on NR bicycle lamps on our handlebars were swiped. A neighbor reported seeing a black SUV pull up to the front of the apartment building and a man run to the back, trigger the motion sensor lights, and run back to the SUV. My landlady suggested other places we could secure our bikes, and we considered them. 

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On the Will to Move

Better to be an amateur.

Better to gather knowledge like a drink from the river on a hot day, fistfuls of books and essays on life itself.

Better to equip myself with “permission to continue”.

I stand near my kitchen window in Oahu, listening to zebra doves on the telephone wires outside cooing to each other in the midmorning breeze. The mountain trade winds sweep down the Manoa valley and fill our one-bedroom apartment. I have never before been so lucky. Or so itchy. So itchy for movement, for callousing my hands against the bicycle handlebars in the heat of noon. So itchy for sweat beads carving dust lines through my face. 

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The Road to York


Days ebb into days again
nothing so precious
all chokeholds relax —

I feel the spring breeze
become the spring breeze

the warmth of the morning sun
the morning sun.

With my eyes so rid of this fixity,
I see peripherally —

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