“Ultimately the motif, the underpinning, the secret message, secret activity, is to relieve human suffering by communicating some kind of enlightened awareness of various themes, topics, obsessions, neuroses, difficulties, problems, perplexities that we encounter.”

I seek to turn the world upside down and shake out all the pockets. Channeling curiosity, observation, adventure to explore truth and authenticity.

If you share the same drive, I invite you to publish your poetry on the Hydrogen Jukebox. To begin building a community of bone shakers. Truth seekers driven by curiosity.


Please send submissions to jrozell@g.emporia.edu. Because the header image is also part of the poetry, please include an image along with your poetry.

Images must be:

  • landscape (for best results)
  • copyright free or of your own creation
  • of substantial quality (I recommend unsplash, pexels, or pixabay)


For additional information:


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