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Legacy and Longing

  By the passed humanity, whose active progeny is the heart beat rocking my sense of soul—as I clutch the leather-bound covers of Burroughs, of Whitman, di Prima and Ginsberg, in the soft lamp night, rain shadows wrapped against windows, me, folded into fresh sheets, with a cup of tea; hungry, Alive, washed, I sing— and selfish do I less than pause before the … Read More Legacy and Longing

Poem Toes

  I’ve noticed, today, that I gotta write with my shoes off— with my bare naked happy toes wiggling hello to the world; else this mirror soul be closed til June


Half a Year Away, Away (and Happy 300!)

Half a year has gone by since I left Kansas. I’m still learning various currency exchange rates and the metric system, so still going strong (relative phrase). Relativity is a fickle friend. If I think on some of the travelers I have met—Liz and Hadyn in Assisi, who have been backpacking the world since summer 2016, Sara in Mostar, who traveled alone for three … Read More Half a Year Away, Away (and Happy 300!)


A Campaign for Self-Discovery

It’s easy, isn’t it, to read Andre Gide, “It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves — in finding themselves”, and suddenly get jazzed. To throw an assortment of clothes in a suitcase and purchase the cheapest ticket on Skyscanner and just take to it, damn it, “I want to go find myself!”


Time Traveling

Almost every morning I snuggle into cross-legged position with a cup of coffee and write for a while. Clear the cache. Explode a bit. Stream of conscious all the mindless rumblings of my soul until I can begin the day as blank a slate as possible. It’s a form of meditation; I actively practice non-judgment and non-attachment to my thoughts and ideas. I’ve detailed … Read More Time Traveling


The Soul of a Poem

Recently I have been swaddling myself in quite the hefty amount of poetry, and publishing a fair amount of it, too. I had tagged myself as a creative non fiction writer, damn it, I never thought that I would enjoy poetry. Especially to this degree. I find, however, that recently it has been the static frequency on which my soul communicates. But. That is … Read More The Soul of a Poem


Writing Ideas from Stage One of Sleep

I have a notebook and pen beside my bed at all times because some of my most comical moments occur when I wake up and remember that I had written an idea down sometime in the middle of stage 1 or 2 of sleep. I would like to share a few of these with you, in hopes that they amuse you as much as … Read More Writing Ideas from Stage One of Sleep


Set More Unrealistic Goals

When it comes to goal setting, I am pro-unrealistic. Let me explain: Case Study 1 Realistic Goal: write a blog post once a week. Okay, so I could do this. I could choose maybe Friday or a weekend day. I work pretty much full-time as a teacher, plus a part-time writing gig on top of that. But I could manage once a week posting. Unrealistic … Read More Set More Unrealistic Goals


How to Accomplish Much

Would you like to have a super productive day? Tell yourself you’re going to get up early and spend the entire morning writing. If you tell yourself this, and truly carve out the morning for this purpose, you’ll get to the afternoon with a load of things accomplished: Your hair will look fantastic albeit a little flat, because you’ve gently combed it and then  scrunched it and styled … Read More How to Accomplish Much


To the Hefty Inadequate

I love podcasts. And audiobooks. And reading. And learning from mentors who do not realize I have labeled them as such. But. There comes a point when I step back and breathe and realize: I’m hefty inadequate, here. I can’t accomplish half the things that Tim Ferriss can do in an hour. I can’t fathom being Tom Bilyeu for an interview. I can’t imagine … Read More To the Hefty Inadequate


Going Somewhere

I have forgotten that the librarian slouched behind the “Reference” sign can see me, the me that sits and stares with unparalleled attention at the page. I have forgotten to breathe for a bit, allowing the swells and heartbeats of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon to do the breathing for me. Apparently it’s working. I’m still alive, I believe. I don’t remember … Read More Going Somewhere


Less Bills More Adventures

Everything in moderation, Johnny, she says as she swats the bag of pretzels from little Johnny’s grubby fingers. Everything in moderation, Bridget, he says as he withdraws twenty careful dollars and folds them into his leather wallet. Everything in moderation, little Gregory, she says after she had said no to his pleadings to spend time with his best buddy, Richard. Food, money, friends…I am … Read More Less Bills More Adventures