Category: World Perspective

Indonesia seems, to me, to be very similar to Morocco. Perhaps this is my Western mind not able to discern non-Western cultures individually and simply lumping them all together, so perhaps this is the cultural ignorance speaking. Like how I cannot discern from which Asian country my teaching colleagues come (Laos from Cambodia from Philippines […]

I often assume a persona when I am gathering myself to go into new situations. I think, today I am going to be Robin Williams in The Dead Poet’s Society, as I enter into the high school classroom and meet the students I will be teaching for a semester. Or Julia Robert’s character in Mona […]

I have forgotten that the librarian slouched behind the “Reference” sign can see me, the me that sits and stares with unparalleled attention at the page. I have forgotten to breathe for a bit, allowing the swells and heartbeats of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon to do the breathing for me. Apparently it’s […]

Sometimes I contemplate the Universe’s step-brother. How he likes to sit in his purple chair on Tuesdays at 2pm and listen to jazz rifts, sometimes pretending like he’s a trumpeter in a velvet suit but not the kind who like to wear socks. He does that, sometimes, that pretending he’s in a velvet suit. But […]

Everything in moderation, Johnny, she says as she swats the bag of pretzels from little Johnny’s grubby fingers. Everything in moderation, Bridget, he says as he withdraws twenty careful dollars and folds them into his leather wallet. Everything in moderation, little Gregory, she says after she had said no to his pleadings to spend time […]

I hear things like, “it’s a small town thing.” “You can’t get away with nuthin’.” “Everyone knows each other…everyone is in everyone else’s business…” “You gotta drive an hour to even get to the nearest Walmart.” “Door’s always unlocked, Loretta, you just go right on in there.” “Damn, that’s my cousin I’ve been kissing?” Sometimes […]

The front door clanged open, and I as my Nature’s Paradise-clad self, greeted our new customer with a big smile and a, “welcome! Is there anything I can help you with?” The recipient of my inquries was an older gentleman–mid-70s–with a pair of shocking blue eyes. The kind of blue you might see in those […]