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Go Anywhere

  The rooms throughout my life have always been wallpapered with maps; road maps, trail maps, world maps, street maps. Free ones, vintage ones, handmade ones. There are heaps of us with that intrinsic fascination with maps, the calm and grounding comfort feeling they provide. Much like stepping into an overstuffed used bookstore. Here, they both whisper, here are countless ideas for you. Take … Read More Go Anywhere


The Great Bellowing Taranaki Wave

“Okay, we’ll stop here.” I let the fins of my kayak paddles rest against the smooth ocean, just as my right shoulder was reaching its throbbing limit. I was relieved I wouldn’t have to ask for a break; when I told David I had kayaked before, I had failed to say that “before” meant five or six years ago. I wondered what effect the … Read More The Great Bellowing Taranaki Wave


Half a Year Away, Away (and Happy 300!)

Half a year has gone by since I left Kansas. I’m still learning various currency exchange rates and the metric system, so still going strong (relative phrase). Relativity is a fickle friend. If I think on some of the travelers I have met—Liz and Hadyn in Assisi, who have been backpacking the world since summer 2016, Sara in Mostar, who traveled alone for three … Read More Half a Year Away, Away (and Happy 300!)


The Feeling of a Next Step

It happens, sometimes, when I am planning what’s next. I’ll be running from that feeling of restless boredom with the present, chasing a desire to be free and unlimited again. I’ll head to the library. Start pulling any “Best Tramps of New Zealand”, “Hidden Places of the Pacific Islands”, “1000 Things to See in the North Island” sort of books I can find. I’ll … Read More The Feeling of a Next Step


South by Southwest

I looked at the map. Pointed at Cornwallis Beach. For the sake of direction, not destination. The day was Monday and free as butterfly, and I chucked Dune, my notebook, a Tupperware container of rice, an extra sweater, and my colored pencils in my backpack and cycled to the train station. My launching port would be the Glen Eden train station. Thus equipped, I … Read More South by Southwest

Lonely, Lovely, Gently

  My chin is a microphone– I tap it twice and the room quiets. Look at our Universe; so connected like this. And I, a part, a breathing form beneath the branch. How did lonely become something bad? Lonely, lovely, gently— I am here connected. Who I am, I am.


Spirals in the Sand

I am becoming less and less attached to the young female finds herself genre; the rows and rows of book covers featuring strong tanned white females gazing into the sunsets with sloppy grins, mangy hair, and fluorescent teeth. The promise of “life-changing”, “truly inspirational”, “will make you want to pack a bag and go save the orphans”. But when I picked up Ffyona Campbell’s … Read More Spirals in the Sand


Routine vs. Ritual

I abhor routine. Routine makes me feel like I’m adding more and more iron reinforcement to my own cage. That I stick myself in these patterns and they hold me accountable. They take over; I must do this and then this and then this exactly this way, it’s expected of me. It’s what I’ve got to do. I find that this routine-loathing is quite … Read More Routine vs. Ritual


It’s Not Travel that Will Change Us

The world fills steadily with travel blogs, and my blood pressure—I find—rises alongside. I don’t invest time in browsing through “Top 10 Kiwi Destinations” or “Best Ways to Make Friends in Hostels” or “250 Ways That Travel Changes You”; partly because, being a snob, I don’t tend to like the things that the social people like. Partly because I often disagree with the principles … Read More It’s Not Travel that Will Change Us


  Soon the cold water will feel warm. Soon I’ll feel it was always warm. My quest is to foretell the future but to stay insane— very much insane. Momentous inertia reaches fragile ears and I’m finding : I regret nothing.


Things Come Together, Things Fall Apart

I have found, when it comes to travel living (i.e. the act of traveling to a place to cultivate a life for a medium-length temporary period of time before moving along to a new destination and repeating the process), I feel almost all emotions in a concentrated dose. To a degree, this happens when I’m just travel-traveling, for a week or so to a … Read More Things Come Together, Things Fall Apart


Let the Adventure Free

I am going to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. Typical response: “But why?” I am walking across the United States, it’ll take me 7 months, I’ll cross 14 states. “But why?” I am going to volunteer on six continents. “Why?” I am going to run 50 marathons in 50 days. “Why!?”