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For the last two weeks (November 6th-November 19th) I ate only potatoes. Wait. Let me be more specific: Monday, November 6th through Tuesday, November 7th I straight-up ate only potatoes. Then come Wednesday morning, as I–in the usual disheveled fashion–was bolting out the backdoor to go teach at the middle school, my hand, possessed of […]

The day was a crisp, sunny day with soft white clouds juxtaposed against the sharp edge of the early winter breeze that tickled the nose until it ran. My neck was bundled in a new fluffy scarf, my hands were protected from the wind by my sturdy black gloves. There was nothing openly gloomy about […]

If I had a peanut for every time someone asked, “Is it hard being vegan?” I would probably be able to fill about 20 jars with organic, hand pressed peanut butter. Crunchy, because it’s my favorite. I understand that this question comes from a good place. It’s either from genuine curiosity or some strange quasi-compliment […]

This past week, a dear pal and I shared in a celebration of one of year of vegetarianism. This post is my reflection upon how different of a person I am from one year ago, accredited to vegetarianism. Also, the word teleporting is used in this post, so as if there wasn’t incentive enough to read it before.

We have become terrified of being thought of as “narrow-minded” or judgmental. Because of this, Moral Relativism has taken hold, a “You do You” regime. So we sacrifice our own beliefs and morals in order to appease and comfort each other…but to what end? What are the consequences?

When should gender equity be perused over the traditionally desired gender equality? This post includes my thoughts on the feminism movement and then gender equity in regards to nutrition. The metabolism of a female is different than the metabolism of a male, and there are consequences for choosing to ignore this. I propose a basic nutrition guide and a 7-day nutrition plan for a male and for a female, comparing and contrasting the two in order to reveal why it is important to keep equity in mind.