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Let’s Be Soldiers

Perhaps Sunday will be a day of poetry. It certainly is a fine day to curl up in the aesthetic recesses of one’s own mind, jittery from intake of coffee and cozy from an outfit made of sweaters.   Who might I be, If we were playing soldiers? Well, let me tell you; I’d be the one with rosy cheeks, An affinity for bubblegum … Read More Let’s Be Soldiers

An Evening with George Saunders

Back at the beginning of November, on a grim grisly Thursday whereupon my classes had been canceled (for the most part), I decided to take the sweater-clad Josie to Lawrence for a day of vegan biscuits-and-gravy and fine self-taught literary swimming lessons. A nice Google search of “free Lawrence Events” pointed me to the presence of George Saunders that evening at 6pm, Liberty Hall … Read More An Evening with George Saunders


Let Me Let You Love Ginsberg Like I Do

“Howl” written by Allen Ginsberg is the greatest poem ever written. Objectively speaking. I wrapped myself in The Essential Ginsberg for a continual bout in wordsmithing; as noir jazz, dusty lamplight and frosted mugs of matcha tea will do to you on a cool starry Saturday. “Howl” is my favorite poem of his, and it never ever fails to tickle the sidekick inside of my viscera who wants … Read More Let Me Let You Love Ginsberg Like I Do