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  There are days when I feel like I’ve only got the front end of the parentheses and I’m sitting here cross legged waiting for closure. I long to complete this vulnerable musing and call it a day for I fear an invasion of too much external influence I don’t know if I am the one who will supply the second half or if … Read More Parenthesis



  Is it intelligence that breaks routine? Or is it the carefully constructed anticipatory rebellion which welds inside and cracks the chrysalis then asks us to play electronic beats and dance like the ocean? I never can tell with these things; all I feel is that on one hand routine is the knife by which I slit my arms and act surprised at the blood … Read More Routine

Play Dates with the Soul

He liked the first 15 seconds of the song; to some that was annoying but to him it was soothing and good exercise to reach over so often and press rewind. His life was a boxcar, a dream capitulated to the infinity and they mistook his focus for seriousness not understanding that he was engaged in a play date with his soul that was … Read More Play Dates with the Soul

The Intro-Version

Pause for a moment in your intro-jection I’m on an  expedition and you need to listen you’ve not been intro-mitted and I’m kinda offended I need some intro-pin for the shock. Please. It’s my intro-it for my officiant see my introse face that is intro-spect we’re all intro-nauts but I intro-gress here, I guess. We halt. Then intro-sume. Much deeper please, you need to … Read More The Intro-Version

Both Sides of Blood

Me You hate me for what I did in Israel, and you still harbor anger for the destruction of Japan and Vietnamese children. I hate you for what you did in New York even though you’re half a world away from the Middle East; you’re brown and practice Islam so it still counts. You blame me for childhood obesity and I point fingers at … Read More Both Sides of Blood


Center fold ask myself what matters now who am I this morning on this breath on this blink.   Learning to release learning how to blink better how to clip my toenails less angry   Staying with these emotions and listening they aren’t flaws or barriers they aren’t to be ignored or shoved to my eyelids to my throat I don’t want to be so … Read More Commitment


For my mother.  Breathe, little hummingbird, She said As she whisked her wings and Showed me how to fly. We perched together, Her and I Upon the shadow rimmed daffodils Set against a bright mountain. Sing, little hummingbird, She said As the stars kissed the pond And it wasn’t so cold after all. We gazed at the stars Her and I The electricity in … Read More Hummingbirds


The Journey

A week or so ago I received an email with the following poem. I asked the poet if he would allow me to feature it on the Hydrogen Jukebox because I think that it is brilliant. Brilliant and in alignment with the purpose of the Hydrogen Jukebox .  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.   The Journey Patrick Thomas King … Read More The Journey

Pining for Adventure Girl

She takes a shower every day and cuts her hair five times a year but secretly she longs to be adventure girl. Swinging from the trees and bathing like a Victorian monarch half naked crazed and dreadlocked living with the birds and sister to the wind. She doesn’t care much for the colored slips of paper the machine spits out at her and she … Read More Pining for Adventure Girl



You want to do what? Have you saved enough? Are you old enough? Who will you trust? But aren’t you scared? How will you fare? Are you really prepared? Haven’t you heard? Those lines are blurred, you can’t be a bird, you can be cured. I don’t think I would I don’t think you should you’re not prepared you’re not a bird you’re not … Read More Permission