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The Intro-Version

Pause for a moment in your intro-jection I’m on an  expedition and you need to listen you’ve not been intro-mitted and I’m kinda offended I need some intro-pin for the shock.

Both Sides of Blood

Me You hate me for what I did in Israel, and you still harbor anger for the destruction of Japan and Vietnamese children. I hate you for what you did in New York even though you’re half a world away from the Middle East; you’re brown and practice Islam so it still counts.


For my mother.  Breathe, little hummingbird, She said As she whisked her wings and Showed me how to fly.


The Subtle Cello

The cello is the most subtle Of the four-piece orchestra. More subtle than the viola Even though many might disagree– The viola is too subtle So it is suspicious Indeed the most suspicious of the lot. And most often the viola is left out anyways In favor of two violins. What can you do with a viola that You couldn’t pay a violin to … Read More The Subtle Cello


Sleeping in Caves and on Presidential Library Lawns

  The school day ended and I whipped myself back home, taking a quick shower and shoving a pair of wool socks, and extra sweater, my trusty hammock, a sleeping bag, an avocado and a beer in my backpack. I snagged a peanut butter and honey sandwich for the road and bid adieu to the comforts of standard living for a night. My drive … Read More Sleeping in Caves and on Presidential Library Lawns


Contemplating Sunlight

  I am a vagabond, going about in a vagabond way from the fly-away ponytail to the scaly feet which callous and shiver away in the grassy bed I’ve taken for my own purpose. You won’t hear me complain, oh no, baby, I am not the bloodless breed you see wagging along in the streets with stiff collars growing stiffer in the sparkling sunlight … Read More Contemplating Sunlight


Friday Adventures

Today I am going on an adventure. An endeavor of sorts. It is the last day of teaching both my senior and sophomore English units, the last day before Spring break, the last day before I am free to go sweat, sing, and not speak to anyone for seven days. I will pack a backpack. Pack an avocado. A hammock. Franz Kafta’s The Trial. … Read More Friday Adventures


Time is a Castle

Time is a castle and we spend our lives going from room to room, exploring. Or not exploring, really, as is sometimes the case. Seasons are spent in the dining room, entertaining guests and thinking about our next meal. Season of time are spent isolating ourselves within the dungeons, believing this is our lot in life before we’ve tried to open the unlocked door. … Read More Time is a Castle

Let’s Be Soldiers

Perhaps Sunday will be a day of poetry. It certainly is a fine day to curl up in the aesthetic recesses of one’s own mind, jittery from intake of coffee and cozy from an outfit made of sweaters.   Who might I be, If we were playing soldiers? Well, let me tell you; I’d be the one with rosy cheeks, An affinity for bubblegum … Read More Let’s Be Soldiers


Feeding The Soul: Adventures in Arkansas

“Should we stay in the cave or should we find a new spot for tonight?” Thus launched Saturday’s conversation between my dear beloved pal Lindsey and I as we sat cross-legged in our wonderful soft-earthed cave floor sipping Stanley french-press coffee from blue tin mugs. The Arkansan air was timid and peaceful, stooping down to caress the little creek which contained Buffalo River nestled … Read More Feeding The Soul: Adventures in Arkansas


Running in the Grass

My mind is a cage; the rhythm of my feet against the trail the key. I plant a sole, I turn the key a little further. A little harder. A little closer. See that hill? That looming hill? That’s two turns. That deep rivet in the grass from the rains of last season? The misplaced rock? The balancing branch? Two more turns. Here progress … Read More Running in the Grass


When Hammock Met Thunderstorm

There is nothing quite as serene as being slung between two trees on a bed of nylon woven cloth; the gentle breeze providing a cushioned sway to the beat of the Universe pulse. It is as if all forest dwellers sign a pact with my intelligent hammock to stay away, simply to observe and not to eat. There has never been a time when … Read More When Hammock Met Thunderstorm