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An Adventure Featuring Hammocks And Old Austrian Gents

I love rain. Its ability to generate an instantaneously cozier environment, the aesthetic of sitting up against a mighty window, a mug of creamy steaming coffee between two slightly chilled hands, sitting cross legged, shoeless; the patter of the rain against the glass a perfect acoustic companion to the book you have sitting on your lap.  It’s pleasant to be inside and dry when … Read More An Adventure Featuring Hammocks And Old Austrian Gents


From Such Great Heights

I gently rock back and forth to the tune of the slurping river Mur as it swishes its way amongst the rocks and the ducks beside me. My hammock, slung between two perfectly distanced trees, is of a breathable material; the caressing wind nudging into the pores of the fabric and hugging my naked wiggling toes in blissful circulation. From my 270-degree window I … Read More From Such Great Heights