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A Campaign for Self-Discovery

It’s easy, isn’t it, to read Andre Gide, “It is only in adventure that some people succeed in knowing themselves — in finding themselves”, and suddenly get jazzed. To throw an assortment of clothes in a suitcase and purchase the cheapest ticket on Skyscanner and just take to it, damn it, “I want to go find myself!” To think, yes, “I go to lose … Read More A Campaign for Self-Discovery


Smuggling and Surviving

It was 7:20 p.m. and pouring rain when I ducked out of the Internet cafe. I had spent the last three hours reading Billy Collins poetry and watching Stephen Colbert when the cafe began filling up with screaming children, and I had decided a good stretch and change of venue would be ideal. The rain was thick and heavy but I had borrowed my … Read More Smuggling and Surviving


  There are days when I feel like I’ve only got the front end of the parentheses and I’m sitting here cross legged waiting for closure. I long to complete this vulnerable musing and call it a day for I fear an invasion of too much external influence I don’t know if I am the one who will supply the second half or if … Read More Parenthesis



  Is it intelligence that breaks routine? Or is it the carefully constructed anticipatory rebellion which welds inside and cracks the chrysalis then asks us to play electronic beats and dance like the ocean? I never can tell with these things; all I feel is that on one hand routine is the knife by which I slit my arms and act surprised at the blood … Read More Routine

Blood, Sweat and Tears

By the time I reached the taxi stand underneath the bridge, it was 10:40 in the morning and beads of sweat were dripping into all the wrong places. My jeans were suctioned to the backs of my legs and I kept wiping my brow on my flowy cardigan which sort of felt like scrapping sandpaper against damp skin. Little bits of me, thanks to … Read More Blood, Sweat and Tears

Play Dates with the Soul

He liked the first 15 seconds of the song; to some that was annoying but to him it was soothing and good exercise to reach over so often and press rewind. His life was a boxcar, a dream capitulated to the infinity and they mistook his focus for seriousness not understanding that he was engaged in a play date with his soul that was … Read More Play Dates with the Soul


Time Traveling

Almost every morning I snuggle into cross-legged position with a cup of coffee and write for a while. Clear the cache. Explode a bit. Stream of conscious all the mindless rumblings of my soul until I can begin the day as blank a slate as possible. It’s a form of meditation; I actively practice non-judgment and non-attachment to my thoughts and ideas. I’ve detailed … Read More Time Traveling

The Intro-Version

Pause for a moment in your intro-jection I’m on an  expedition and you need to listen you’ve not been intro-mitted and I’m kinda offended I need some intro-pin for the shock. Please. It’s my intro-it for my officiant see my introse face that is intro-spect we’re all intro-nauts but I intro-gress here, I guess. We halt. Then intro-sume. Much deeper please, you need to … Read More The Intro-Version

Both Sides of Blood

Me You hate me for what I did in Israel, and you still harbor anger for the destruction of Japan and Vietnamese children. I hate you for what you did in New York even though you’re half a world away from the Middle East; you’re brown and practice Islam so it still counts. You blame me for childhood obesity and I point fingers at … Read More Both Sides of Blood


Center fold ask myself what matters now who am I this morning on this breath on this blink.   Learning to release learning how to blink better how to clip my toenails less angry   Staying with these emotions and listening they aren’t flaws or barriers they aren’t to be ignored or shoved to my eyelids to my throat I don’t want to be so … Read More Commitment