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Happy 100! Letter from the Editor and Most Memorable Posts

Dear Squadron, Hey there. You beautiful, auspiciously good-willed bellwether of a callipygian nature. You, my formidable invisible audience, have changed me over the past year and ten months. I don’t usually write for you specifically, but your very arcane presence has given me opportunities to practice authenticity, courage, vulnerability, and passion. This site doesn’t generate that many hits, I am fully aware and fine … Read More Happy 100! Letter from the Editor and Most Memorable Posts


Pretty Sure Emporia is Stars Hollow

I peel left into the Nature’s Paradise drive way and tuck my bike inside the earthy-scented doorway. I give a quick wave to Tasha and head to clock in. As I move, I catch a whiff of the my staff shirt; a combination of fresh air and lavender-musk dryer sheets, fresh from last night’s session at the laundromat. The mighty chunk of the timestamp … Read More Pretty Sure Emporia is Stars Hollow


A Round-of-Applause for Bruce

It was a jumping kind of day. Jumping out of bed because I missed my first alarm. Jumping into the shower after a run that took longer than I thought. Jumping into the pantry to scramble together a some-sort-of-lunch and jumping into a bowl of muesli for breakfast because all of my jumping seemed to be in slow motion for the day. Jumping on … Read More A Round-of-Applause for Bruce