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Time Traveling

Almost every morning I snuggle into cross-legged position with a cup of coffee and write for a while. Clear the cache. Explode a bit. Stream of conscious all the mindless rumblings of my soul until I can begin the day as blank a slate as possible. It’s a form of meditation; I actively practice non-judgment and non-attachment to my thoughts and ideas. I’ve detailed … Read More Time Traveling


Sleeping in Caves and on Presidential Library Lawns

The school day ended and I whipped myself back home, taking a quick shower and shoving a pair of wool socks, and extra sweater, my trusty hammock, a sleeping bag, an avocado and a beer in my backpack. I snagged a peanut butter and honey sandwich for the road and bid adieu to the comforts of standard living for a night. My drive to … Read More Sleeping in Caves and on Presidential Library Lawns


Friday Adventures

Today I am going on an adventure. An endeavor of sorts. It is the last day of teaching both my senior and sophomore English units, the last day before Spring break, the last day before I am free to go sweat, sing, and not speak to anyone for seven days. I will pack a backpack. Pack an avocado. A hammock. Franz Kafta’s The Trial. … Read More Friday Adventures


What running 100 Miles taught me about curbing Anxiety

I’m moving to Jakarta, Indonesia on April 6th for a four-week teaching internship through my university. I have a 60-day visa and a one-way ticket. Now you and I have exactly the same amount of information. I haven’t been told yet where I will live. I haven’t been told what school I will teaching at. I don’t know what grade, subject, area I will … Read More What running 100 Miles taught me about curbing Anxiety


On the move; new epidemic sweeps Kansas

The epidemic first reared its head in late April of this year, and has already reached a suspected case count of over 350,000 as of July 17th In 2017, several states have experienced acute outbreaks already, namely Michigan, Kentucky, Utah, Colorado, and California. Each state varies in regards to outbreak onset and population affected, but one similarity has emerged among these states where those … Read More On the move; new epidemic sweeps Kansas


How to Accomplish Much

Would you like to have a super productive day? Tell yourself you’re going to get up early and spend the entire morning writing. If you tell yourself this, and truly carve out the morning for this purpose, you’ll get to the afternoon with a load of things accomplished: Your hair will look fantastic albeit a little flat, because you’ve gently combed it and then  scrunched it and styled … Read More How to Accomplish Much


Your Dog on Walk

Stanley Coren describes the dog’s sense of smell like this: Let’s say you have one gram of a component of human sweat, called butyric acid. Humans can actually smell this proficiently. If you were to release that one gram of butyric acid in the space of a 10-story building, we could detect a faint odor upon entrance. Go ahead and slap yourself on the … Read More Your Dog on Walk


Black Pant Hunt

Today I was in Target. The grand superstore for American teachers and college students attempting to pass as classy. I needed some black pants. Please don’t ask me why, we both know there is no logical reason for black pants. It would be far too long a blog post for that sort of discussion. So I needed some black pants. Let’s keep it there. … Read More Black Pant Hunt

An Evening with George Saunders

Back at the beginning of November, on a grim grisly Thursday whereupon my classes had been canceled (for the most part), I decided to take the sweater-clad Josie to Lawrence for a day of vegan biscuits-and-gravy and fine self-taught literary swimming lessons. A nice Google search of “free Lawrence Events” pointed me to the presence of George Saunders that evening at 6pm, Liberty Hall … Read More An Evening with George Saunders


The Art of Oatmeal Selection

I ran into Susan at the grocery store today as I was choosing which Quaker oatmeal would best serve my fiber needs. You know Susan. We all know Susan. Susan presents you with questions as if she were the midwife to your first born son. Susan believes her questions might one day change the world, while you believe that too much exposure leads to … Read More The Art of Oatmeal Selection