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Today I am going on an adventure. An endeavor of sorts. It is the last day of teaching both my senior and sophomore English units, the last day before Spring break, the last day before I am free to go sweat, sing, and not speak to anyone for seven days. I will pack a backpack. […]

Dear Squadron, Hey there. You beautiful, auspiciously good-willed bellwether of a callipygian nature. You, my formidable invisible audience, have changed me over the past year and ten months. I don’t usually write for you specifically, but your very arcane presence has given me opportunities to practice authenticity, courage, vulnerability, and passion. This site doesn’t generate […]

William Shakespeare comes up to me, his fur so curly it hides the exact shape of his canine body. He gives me a nuzzle, flipping my hand onto the top of his nose for a stroke. I push back the curls hanging down from his brow and stare into his wide anthropomorphic eyes. There is […]

Blood has been spilled this day. And by blood, of course, I refer to the melancholy state of damper that oozed itself out from under the blanket of the day. For some reason everyone was absolutely wiped the entire day, as if the heat of the summer sun evaporating all manifestations of energy. What happens […]

Umbria in July is the temperature of boiling water. The flies can’t seem to catapult themselves off your sweaty, sticky skin; the sun pulses down sweat beads into your eyes; the backs of your thighs leave embarrassing prints everywhere you dare to sit. The very notion of consuming anything hotter than gelato swipes the appetite […]

Here I sit, the arch of my back snug against the wooden bench beams, my feet resting sacrilegiously on the kneeler. The frescoes designed by Giotto di Bondone rage around me, swallowing me in an all-encompassing arches of perfect symmetrical patterns. I’ve never been in such a place before; there isn’t a spot of wall […]