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Taking My Name Seriously

  I often assume a persona when I am gathering myself to go into new situations. I think, today I am going to be Robin Williams in The Dead Poet’s Society, as I enter into the high school classroom and meet the students I will be teaching for a semester. Or Julia Robert’s character in Mona Lisa Smiles. This removes fear or other hindering … Read More Taking My Name Seriously

My World is an Escalator

  The man above me on this escalator Is wearing a hat that matches The purple flashing walls which Soar around us. He looks nervous, Almost, His expression reads, “My backpack is too tight on my arms And everybody around me can see” But that’s not what I notice About this hatted man– That’s not what I see. I glance at the ticket clutched … Read More My World is an Escalator


What running 100 Miles taught me about curbing Anxiety

I’m moving to Jakarta, Indonesia on April 6th for a four-week teaching internship through my university. I have a 60-day visa and a one-way ticket. Now you and I have exactly the same amount of information. I haven’t been told yet where I will live. I haven’t been told what school I will teaching at. I don’t know what grade, subject, area I will … Read More What running 100 Miles taught me about curbing Anxiety


Change of Address

Do you ever sit yourself down and demand, now just what the jiminy do you think you are doing? That’s all I’ve been doing for the last two hours. No joke. I’ve been sitting here, clad in my faithful Patty sweater and thick woolen socks, a bottle of 2014 Merlot–not even the good kind–to my left and classic rock humming from the top of … Read More Change of Address