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Play Dates with the Soul

He liked the first 15 seconds of the song; to some that was annoying but to him it was soothing and good exercise to reach over so often and press rewind. His life was a boxcar, a dream capitulated to the infinity and they mistook his focus for seriousness not understanding that he was engaged in a play date with his soul that was … Read More Play Dates with the Soul


Time Traveling

Almost every morning I snuggle into cross-legged position with a cup of coffee and write for a while. Clear the cache. Explode a bit. Stream of conscious all the mindless rumblings of my soul until I can begin the day as blank a slate as possible. It’s a form of meditation; I actively practice non-judgment and non-attachment to my thoughts and ideas. I’ve detailed … Read More Time Traveling


Center fold ask myself what matters now who am I this morning on this breath on this blink.   Learning to release learning how to blink better how to clip my toenails less angry   Staying with these emotions and listening they aren’t flaws or barriers they aren’t to be ignored or shoved to my eyelids to my throat I don’t want to be so … Read More Commitment


For my mother.  Breathe, little hummingbird, She said As she whisked her wings and Showed me how to fly. We perched together, Her and I Upon the shadow rimmed daffodils Set against a bright mountain. Sing, little hummingbird, She said As the stars kissed the pond And it wasn’t so cold after all. We gazed at the stars Her and I The electricity in … Read More Hummingbirds


The Indonesian Parent Trap

I have met my twin, lost at birth. When I first saw her, sitting in the corner of our Math/English teachers room with the other math teachers, I thought to myself: That is who I would be if I were to have been a Math teacher. Without a doubt. I could tell she was thinking the same thing after our first conversation. Can you … Read More The Indonesian Parent Trap


What’s it Like Teaching in Indonesia?

*disclaimer: I do not assume that, because I now have a smidgeon experience teaching here, that I know what teaching is like in Indonesia. Every school is vastly different; different curriculum standards (IB, Cambridge, New Zealand, etc.) different administrations, different teachers, different sets of kids with different economic backgrounds. This is, after week one, my experience at one particular school in a suburb of Jakarta. *  *  … Read More What’s it Like Teaching in Indonesia?



I don’t have internet at my cave of wonders, only at International school, or the little street-side Internet cafes if I so choose. While for the first couple of days this was terribly burdensome and made me feel quite unsteady—especially since I had no way of getting ahold of my Indonesian contact who was to meet me on my first day of school—I have … Read More Disconnected

How Good It Is

How good it is to have a place To lay my head down and take off my shoes To soap myself down at least once a day Or twice if I so choose. How good it is to have a book To read at night and out in the garden And this cup of tea that I brewed for me Thrown into the bargain. … Read More How Good It Is


When It Comes to Replacing Fear

When you move to another country, especially one with a culture so different from your own, it is easy to be swept away by that which scares you. It is easy to get overwhelmed by how much you feel you stand out; how everyone dresses differently than you do and how they live at a different pace than you and aren’t you just the … Read More When It Comes to Replacing Fear


Creamy Natural Peanut Butter

Humankind, albeit a tad shabby around the knees and needing a patch or two in the elbow, is a situation I am grateful to be in for mainly one reason: Jif’s Natural Creamy Peanut Butter. Both a noun and a complete sentence. The only peanut butter I identify with. Last night I had a wonderful dream: I had obtained ultimate humankind status in a … Read More Creamy Natural Peanut Butter