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An ultramarathon is 1/5 human vs. nature and the remaining 4/5 human vs. self. When going into a battle such as the 100–which could last anywhere from 20 – 31 hours 38 minutes 20 seconds–it is beneficial for the present self to bring in the past self as an ally for combating the grouchy future […]

I’m moving to Jakarta, Indonesia on April 6th for a four-week teaching internship through my university. I have a 60-day visa and a one-way ticket. Now you and I have exactly the same amount of information. I haven’t been told yet where I will live. I haven’t been told what school I will teaching at. […]

When it comes to goal setting, I am pro-unrealistic. Let me explain: Case Study 1 Realistic Goal: write a blog post once a week. Okay, so I could do this. I could choose maybe Friday or a weekend day. I work pretty much full-time as a teacher, plus a part-time writing gig on top of that. […]

Starting exactly at midnight on Saturday morning, I ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 42 hours. This kind of training weekend has benefitted me the most for the looming 100-miler; in fact, I can’t imagine a better sort of weekend. I practiced starting and starting and starting at all times of the day, in […]

Today is a day of mind control. Today is a day of acknowledging the prowess of my mind. Harnessing it. Doing what it tells me I can. Doing what I tell me I can. I am my mind. I am the machine. I can control it. Today is a day of inhaling page 12 of Jocko Willink‘s Discipline […]

I’ve discovered something, friends. Something important. Life-giving. The difference between running 7 miles and 30. I love a good river trail run, noiseless except for the blades of grass whooshing around my shoes and the sound of the kissing river, nothing between the ears besides blanket gratitude for the perfection of a quiet morning. I […]