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MAD Pigeon Respect

Here we interrupt the excitement of reading Freud’s proposal of Psychoanalysis (on my end, not yours) to give some clarifications on what makes a pigeon a badass. Wait. Strange choice in adjective.  Chub-glubber? No no, that’s not a real word. Upstanding moral citizen? Not quite. Luficer’s handmaiden? Hmm–a bit too far right. Let’s just let pigeons be themselves. The phrase “to pigeonhole” exists for … Read More MAD Pigeon Respect


Sleeping in Airports, Hitchhiking through Romania

If I could offer any advice–to you, to myself–it would be to go about boldly. This is more than living boldly or going into the world with boldness. It is not as calculated as that. It is simply going about, in whatever way one interprets such a phrase, in a bold manner. Alright, onwards now with a short* narrative filled with tales of nights … Read More Sleeping in Airports, Hitchhiking through Romania


An Ode to the Preternatural Churchill

November 30th is Winston Churchill’s birthday! This post is in salute to our great hero and the reasons why I hold such a high respect for Winston.


My Recipe for the “Good” Conversaton

Human beings are social creatures. The desire for a good, satisfying conversation is inevitable, no matter the degree to which one identifies oneself on the “introversion-extroversion” spectrum. What is it that lends hand to a good conversation? How does one go about hosting a good conversation?

“Be brave enough to begin a conversation that actually matters”.


Press Play

“Hydrogen jukebox” comes from a line in Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Howl” (1955): …who sank all night in submarine light of Bickford’s floated out and sat through the stale beer afternoon in desolate Fugazzi’s, listening to the crack of doom on the hydrogen jukebox… Ginsberg explained that the hydrogen jukebox signifies a state of “hypertrophic high-tech, a psychological state in which people are at the limit of their sensory … Read More Press Play