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*disclaimer: I do not assume that, because I now have a smidgeon experience teaching here, that I know what teaching is like in Indonesia. Every school is vastly different; different curriculum standards (IB, Cambridge, New Zealand, etc.) different administrations, different teachers, different sets of kids with different economic backgrounds. This is, after week one, my experience at one […]

Before coming to Indonesia, so many people told me: “Josie, you need to make sure you are aware of your surroundings at ALL times. Be safe.” To honor those who told me this, I would like to give proof that I am following their advice.     Peace and blessings, Josie

“With afflictions of the spirit…the worse a person is, the less he feels it,” writes Seneca to Lucilius. “Why does no one admit his failings? Because he’s still deep within them. It’s the person who is awakened who recounts his dream, and acknowledging one’s failings is a sign of health.” The further one distances themselves […]

I have ventured outside today, Outside of my new cave of wonders Of safety of now familiar smells Which I have painstakingly applied During the last shower. Perhaps sitting out here Cross legged and bare shod, Out here in the breeze and thick air Will be the bravest thing I do today. For me that […]

I often assume a persona when I am gathering myself to go into new situations. I think, today I am going to be Robin Williams in The Dead Poet’s Society, as I enter into the high school classroom and meet the students I will be teaching for a semester. Or Julia Robert’s character in Mona […]

I stare at the ticket in my hand And the backpack at my feet And I think to myself: I don’t go to find a job Or begin my career— That can come later, perhaps Whatever that might be. Instead I go to lose myself– And to find truth. To soften parts of me I […]

I need to tell you how I woke up this morning. I mean, the physicality of the act was not grand. I took a shower before I went to bed last night and when I parachuted out of the covers the hair on the left side had my bangs in a full-nelson. And sometime while […]