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Friday Adventures

Today I am going on an adventure. An endeavor of sorts. It is the last day of teaching both my senior and sophomore English units, the last day before Spring break, the last day before I am free to go sweat, sing, and not speak to anyone for seven days. I will pack a backpack. Pack an avocado. A hammock. Franz Kafta’s The Trial. … Read More Friday Adventures

Cigarettes & Silhouettes: Running the Cancelled LOViT 100 Mile Trail Run

“You there, with the light!” a voice rang through the forest, deep and southern. It was 5:20 a.m. and I had run 43 miles. I was squatting next to a mossy tree off to the right of the trail, ready to drop my drawers and release a burden when it was sucked back up by this call. How dare he, I thought. I had been … Read More Cigarettes & Silhouettes: Running the Cancelled LOViT 100 Mile Trail Run


Star Therapy

With our bellies brimming with beans and dark chocolate after a long day of plowing through rivers and hiking across woods, Lindsey and I picked our way carefully across the river in the sudden darkness. We towed foldable plastic beach chairs and big cheesy grins; the stars were dancing for us, and from small island of rocks in the middle of the low river, … Read More Star Therapy


Feeding The Soul: Adventures in Arkansas

“Should we stay in the cave or should we find a new spot for tonight?” Thus launched Saturday’s conversation between my dear beloved pal Lindsey and I as we sat cross-legged in our wonderful soft-earthed cave floor sipping Stanley french-press coffee from blue tin mugs. The Arkansan air was timid and peaceful, stooping down to caress the little creek which contained Buffalo River nestled … Read More Feeding The Soul: Adventures in Arkansas