a prose poem.

JOSIE ROZELL lives in Belgium and teaches at the Institute of Tropical Medicine. She is credited with introducing the native populations of Papua New Guinea to off-brand pharmaceutical drugs, thereby saving villages a lot of money. This was only possible through a partnership with the organization, Tropical Partners, as she herself has never left Belgium. Her essays have been featured in such publications as Top of the Times, Outside Magazine, BeachGrit, and What’s It Like In There. She is the author of Get Out and Smoke and her newest book, Actually Stay Inside, is forthcoming from Antwerp Press. 

JOSIE ROZELL is a Senator representing the state of Wisconsin, and a part-time magician. She has been featured on The Tonight Show, Oprah Winfrey Network, Sesame Street and the Supreme Court. She has used her platform to win national applause for magician-kind, and in 2006, co-authored legislation to decriminalize magic in the classroom. This piece, written with fellow Senator Gary Robins, was called “You’re a Wizard, Joel” and met with huge success. The original bill has unfortunately been misplaced. 

JOSIE ROZELL is a professional windsurfer and mother of four. When not popping pimples on the face of her oldest, she likes to take her sailboard to a popular local break called Canoes, in Waikiki. The thrill of colliding with beginning surfers greatly counteracts some of the zest of motherhood. Her first book, At One With It All, chronicles how very much she does not have it together. 

JOSIE ROZELL was born in 1964 and is the daughter of German immigrants. She grew up speaking a mixture of Polish and German, and never asked any questions of her parents. Their names were Hans and Julia, but that’s all she was able to figure out. This is her first novel. 

JOSIE ROZELL likes to take her towel to the shores of Kaimanas and relax in the hot summer sun. Her novel, Beach Bums, was inspired by the vast diversity she encountered on a daily basis; from the wide-and-low bottomed men who clearly worked desk jobs, to the high-and-tight female lifeguards, her book is a tell-all. When not people-watching, she runs the local charity, Holidays for the Homeless.  

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