Not many people know it but Mona Lisa had a dog. 

The dog’s name was Kane Powell, which at the time 
held no Italian translation, but now we know it as
the name of the man who started a petition for 
Jeff Bezos to buy the Mona Lisa and eat it. 
Some say the dog was a giant, as if a modern day Great Dane 
met an attractive pair of platform shoes and put them on. 
Thusly unable to ever walk again the Great Dane swelled
in girth, and this is how some people think of Kane. 
Others say he was long but short, with a nearly hairless 
coat and a squiggly tail like some horses of the 16th century. 
That he could move like a leopard and pounce like 
Lady Gaga, and that’s what Mona Lisa was looking at. 
Ever had your portrait taken with a dog? Impossible
to look away. All the while Mona Lisa had 
half an eye on Kane.

Electric Fish, Rozell 2021

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