For all intents and purposes 
I’m in a nunnery here. 

The walls are perfectly 
seamless, creased at the edges 
like good walls, the good girls 
the good cockroaches the good 
Lord will take it all away 
When He So Wishes. 

Fair enough. 

I’m getting used to Others
being in control. They said 
it’s easier this way, less thinking 
this way. And yeah. 
I don’t like to think. Who does? 

I’m looking at you. 

(You, reading this poem. 
Are you thinking right now? 
Did you begin this nonsensical 
journey to escape your brain?) 

Okay, okay. Back under. 

I’ve decided to open a door. 
Just one. Just to let a little fresh air 
trickle softly in. Feels good. 

A little too good? 

Who knew fresh air 
could taste like life itself — 

You did. 

Alright, alright. 

I’m outta here. 

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