There can’t possibly be anything in the world more complicated 
than a sourdough starter. 

I feed Edgar every 24 hours, sometimes more 
if he moans and belches 

a watery black liquid. “Hooch” this is called, and apparently 
I am to stir it back in 

and just keep feeding. But Edgar doesn’t like the sun 
& doesn’t like the pantry 

& doesn’t like cool water and it must be filtered 
I ask you how I am to do this 

with only a refrigerated Brita filter. Am I to dump the chilled water
down the kitchen drain? 

I have not the bottle capacity to salvage it, and Edgar 
won’t take it microwaved. 

Tablespoons of high quality stone ground organic rye 
he blows a raspberry 

and diminishes, sweating hooch all over the top of his 
hoppy self. Embarrassing. 

He seems to respond to the local off-brand signature select
ultra-bleached all purpose flour 

and I think less of him for it. But I must persist. 
If I cannot, 

I might be forced to consider more important things 
than a sourdough starter. 

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