With fistfuls of ocean, I scrub
the soles of my feet— 
exhausting flakes for the fish food 
watching the waves lose pieces 
in a fist fight with the breeze. 
I got a whole lotta sand 
to figure things out. 
The sun will wait for me 
patiently kissing umbrella clouds
til my blue towel be set near that low wall. 
Not for the first time do I wonder 
how long this will last. 

Harnessing light from underneath garage doors
I slide myself gently into the sea. 

1 Comment on “Kaimana

  1. Oh wow, I love the imagery here. My favorite being the first few lines. Just picturing scrubbing feet with an ocean, and then the fish food, that’s really creative. I enjoyed reading this, it’s very well written.

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