Flight control signals
hard           against            the             rain
which whips
>>>                                catastrophic!
against the slick window panes
salt and pepper ocean waves
corn soup flavored popcorn
the day                          is Friday
and the rain                 is here.

Blue mugs                      blue table
tiles under my                    bare feet
air skids                                    under black tires
on black ground                          red streaks/green streaks.

Chewing slowly to distance myself
from the animalistic rain. Uncaged

sprinting a million hairs on end
black lab used to be blonde still eating

grass on the soggy ground. Typical
feather weather typical light changes

red streaks then green streaks
on the black ground.

Someday my work will be bicycle
themed. Someday my work will be

firm to the touch. Sometimes the light
lingers         yellow          a little too             long.

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