—500 meters : Mountain cafe!—

You cook dinner
with your old apron on
the one that still has blood
from my tooth you yanked
two years ago

—400 meters : pony rides!—

Yeah Jazz is on
which is cool but more than that
is me: who is dancing
wait, not just dancing but

—300 meters : real crystals! —

the soup won’t burn
you can’t even burn soup!
look, real quick it’ll just take
a sec did you SEE how I did that?

—200 meters : animal sanctuary!—

I just did a
ten second backflip
and you totally missed it
no I can’t repeat it —
why, do you want me to?

—100 meters : family fun!—

You’re missing it
it’s practically over
stop making excuses!
stop chopping carrots!
just look—

—20 meters : turn here!—

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