Towel off a bit,
draw up a stool
you and I are going to chat.

You aren’t so empty—
oh, to the contrary
you’re vibrancy incarnate.

Your tidal waved attitude
you swell so well
and it goes–unnoticed.

Small and still your quiet breaths
you take when you’d
inhale the waterfall

but choose the former
for sake of the others’
silent space. Despite

all their pillage of yours.
Oh–it goes unnoticed.
That’s the life, my man—

it goes unnoticed.
There’s no recognition,
don’t look for praise.

For you do not offer
either to others
and they are as silent

to themselves
as you.
So breathe, steady

‘cause it’s all unnoticed.
by me–


The reader adds his or her own meaning to a poem. Here’s mine:

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