As I nap in the currents
of undiluted ocean
with its vibrant sea salt
cleansing my salty soul,
I notice:
I am taller here.

Cast long,
with the shadows
uninterrupted by
my shadow is graceful
and still
and I wonder:

what might she be thinking?

Out here with me,
among the black sand dunes?

I can’t quite make out her gaze
but I feel her stillness.
The set of her shoulders
is loose
her spine is straight and
Her toes, blocks of shade
are wiggling,
burying themselves into
damp mounds of sand.

I don’t know if she hears
the waves upon the stones
but her hair is caught in embrace
by the wind
which beats and swooshes
in turn.

I hope, very much,
that she cannot tell time,
to not know that all this shall end.

But if she can,
I hope it will make
our time more precious.

Impermanent sunshine
tends to do that.


The reader brings his or her own experience to the poem and creates meaning. Here is my mine: 

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