in a black rubber suit
zipped to mid-chest,
the two sides flapping
in the sea gusts, flapping to the beat
of the lurching dinghy
and up and up and down
down to the choppy Arabian
waters, his bare foot braced
on the lip of the bow
foot tendons flexing, whooping
as the sea spray leaps
to his curls—

pauses his laughter
for only a moment
to take a long drag of his cigarette.

He leaves it
dangling between his lips,

and he raises his arms
like a wild man,
steady on his bow-propped foot
with ankle tendons visibly pulsing
damp cigarette salsa dancing,
he hoots a guffaw
out the side of his mouth
and a gust of sea spray
whooshes up—

He brings his two fingers
up to his lips
to take another long drag—

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