How peculiar to be
so water proof.

Like eating a sandwich with only the hands;
so much easier than knife and fork,
than rain coat umbrella-
I’ll just get messy
use the restroom hand dryer.

These rules we make
for not ourselves.

I don’t recall making the rules
at all.

Perhaps that is why I get their grimace
as I eat my sandwich between my fingers
and whistle & walk whether it rains or not.

O, so gratifying to be
so waterproof!
Even the tears which will roll down the dust
don’t seem to stay very long.
A swipe of the sleeve
a brush with the wind
and away, away they tumble—

Did you know
we were made so waterproof?
Have you all but forgotten?
That it will rain
(and it will, guaranteed)
and our souls will stay dry.

The reader brings his or her own experience to the poem and creates meaning. Here is my mine:

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