It does not appear that this sun shall set
nor the melody in my mind to cease;
I do not feel I shall ever be hungry
nor recollect that feeling of cold.
The sky mirrors my mind—
empty and warm and without agenda—
I find, in having no destination,
I have come to where I should be.

Who have I been to see this!
Who am I to witness the sun like this
and my eyes, dry, my heart beat, steady,
as the waves against volcanic rock—
I do not think the tide shall ever recede.
Why should it?
We are all full together
and our solitude is perfect.

The succulents surround me and
whistle cricket songs, unadorned splendor
I shall never forget.
Nature bears her mark upon me,
deep in the iris in the roots of hair
in the pores and the depths I look
at the glass water and
see her. I bear witness to my wildness
untapped by factory treaty.

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