I trudge through the desert
while balancing the water on my back,
blinking to uproot the flies
and to bat away the sticky sweat
from rolling in my eyes.
My vision is blurred by endlessness;
no mountain no tree
no landmark just dunes
and this dusty shuffle casting
fiery shadow prints.
My feet sink ever deeper,
deeper in the blister sand
with every stumble my knees
bow closer to the scorched earth
and I come closer
to reverence.

My thoughts are the one place
in which I cannot lose myself;
in here I remain my child.

What do you find?
I beg my soul.

Comes the reply:

My knees catch
and I fall to the ground,
the water spills off my back and bursts.
It stains the sand and
chisels the oasis.
I cup my hands together
and scoop up mud brick sand;
with hungry lips I lap

and it is sweet,
like honey on my tongue
like a dip in the river under the low sun
I swallow without ceasing
and forgetting to blink

I find
the sweat, drops of Heaven
the flies little kisses.

I think
how lucky I am
for the desert.


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