I’m a solar powered rubber duck
hurricane; I charge in that purity
and I do not stay submerged for

long, I have no fear of what you
might name me nor can I drown
in your thoughts of inadequacy;

I won’t simmer as you submerge
yourself and claim the disaster lies
within me. I am of the Beat, thank

you, the pulsing loins pressed upon
paper matching word for word the
thud and visceral surfing of my heart.

I am charting a new course towards
bouncing humanity which you should
not mistake for selflessness; I guarantee

no loss of self in the voyage of mine I’m
too fluid to cut with a cheese knife my
self is kin to the wind I find my self

everywhere. There is more to this all,
the holy honey which drips from the
cogs of human efficiency streaming

love and sweet sticky excess of
which we pretend to analyze. Brush
away your refined taste and give

yourself something to long for, those
of you who are holy on your own
accord you who do not taste the honey

for fear it will make you great and
unknown. If I close my ears to the wave
of the Universe I exchange my life

for the color brown, to doom myself
to fade into dusk and beget a lie
into an open world. The truth? I

chase the truth. I am learning about
the truth. The more I learn the more I
find: I am a solar powered rubber

duck hurricane.

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