I get accused, sometimes, of being a bit unapproachable. Hard to open up, I don’t unleash my soul to people often (which is a joke to you, of course, you who read my blog which is my articulated soul). I’m more of a listener than an explainer, and I don’t like small talk unless it follows deep, meaningful conversation.

Small talk is the death of me, really.

I’d like to get it all out of the way, actually. Post it here publicly, so that when people ask me little questions that simply fill silence (although being fair, this might to them is a part of the “getting to know you” process) I can refer them to this post.

Animals I’d most want to write about:

octopussies, Charles Darwin, the soul in love

Favorite ways to waste time:

staring at your shoes, pooing, drawing perfect circles

Favorite words in foreign languages:

la poubelle, genau, Goethe, washappeningtomyheartbeat

What I’d want to be if I were fifteen years younger:

Saxophonist, kinder, 10 years old

Most inspiration pairing of words:

raging hermit crab, full stop, trash can party

Creatures I cringe the most at:

Rats who can’t cook, people crossing the street while texting, self pity

Favorite way to read a book:

without stopping, in a cafe with an espresso and live jazz, under a tree far from the universe

Typical form of transportation:

rubber band finger gun, poetry, Indonesian moped

Magical creatures I’d ride into battle:

empathy, authenticity

Favorite adult beverages:

tap water, surrealist poetry, oxygen

Things that scare me:

long wifi passwords, sharp paper next to a bowl of vinegar, being given the air conditioning remote

What I think about the Royal Wedding:



Peace and Blessings,


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