It was a bloody cripple of a fooled nightmare;

the kind featuring nonexistent heroes with nonexistent magical capabilities
with nonexistence backbones and with none of the
courageous defiant audacity
that you sort of look for in a fearless spiney hero.

It was tantalizing, really, brazen and shameless
uncensored wanton wrappers of childless imagination
exposing forbidden steam and provoking it into hypnosis.
There were force-fed money grubs looking for payback
underhanded and crusty with arrogant maulings
too many no-good nazis trying to get all friendly
and jiggy with it.

There was a frenzy for freebies (which were bargains at best) and
too many six-figured jackpot nest eggs demanding free or reduced lunches, simply
a billion exploding rubber ducklings trying their hands on the whopping treasure.

They advertised it ironclad guaranteed totally anonymous and no questions asked
but they exposed the backdoor too quickly
the one which concealed forgotten confessions and hidden bootlegged off-limit outlaws
who couldn’t be defeated even if there were a spiney hero on hand
the kind of hero who could rise against the piranhas and sweep us off our sticky feet
but who was actually M.I.A. and not totally real but definitely magical
and at a discount price.

Nothing was backed, we came to find, and the no-obligation sign was too color-coded
to be of much use to us in our lifetime at least.
We couldn’t get our money back (that sign was cement)
and the scissors were too dulled by cheap double explosions
that we couldn’t cut the strings that were attached and
we couldn’t withdraw our endorsements either
because to cancel-anytime was a color-coded sign as well.

Oh well.
Nothing is recession-proof it seems, these days,
and the exploding rubber ducklings and jiving nazis would have to agree.
It was a crazy corpse of a jeopardy meltdown out there and we
mustn’t bother ourselves too hard about the shellacking lunatics.
Nothing is recession-proof it seems, these days
and the heroes are too nonexistent to be of much use.
Not in our lifetime, at least.

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