fold ask myself
what matters now
who am I
this morning
on this breath
on this blink.

to release
learning how to
blink better
how to
clip my toenails
less angry
with these emotions
and listening
they aren’t flaws
or barriers
they aren’t to be ignored
or shoved to my eyelids
to my throat
I don’t want to be so
heavy so
so angry.
how to sob myself
into a nap
how to wash my face
with careful
circular motions
to look into my own eyes
and smile
myself what’s it like
in there
can I help at all
Keep breathing
like this
I’m still breathing
look here!
look at my breathing!
look at this,
we are breathing,
and we are soaring
we are learning and learning to love
not just ourselves
not only the breath
but the battle, too.
I am not
but I am not a mask
and I am not
to be understood
all the time.


I am
centering my Self
I am reminding
my Self I am
my Self
and I may not commit
to much these days
but I am
with my

The reader brings his or her own experience to the poem and creates meaning. Here is my experience. 


3 Comments on “Commitment

  1. Phenomenal. Every time I log on, I check to see if you wrote something because it’s always beautiful, it’s always insightful, and it’s usually heartwarming. Never stop writing Josie!

    Liked by 1 person

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