Beats. Eyes open legs stretch roll out window open.
Deep breath long stretch meditation pose vinyasa.
Cold shower long fresh pure wet hair towel off.
Boiling water over coffee grounds over oatmeal stir with spoon add honey.
Sip savor chew write.

Clothes in shampoo in laptop follows extra underwear one sweater zip closed.
Wash dishes lights off air conditioner off door locks.
Air humid skin sticky walk walk walk.
Door opens air cool select water select peanuts thank you have a nice day door closes walk walk.
Smile. Hello. Airport please. Terminal 2, I think. Thailand. United States. Teacher for two months. Yes, I love Indonesia very colorful very tropical very friendly. Yes the traffic sucks. How much? Keep the change. Yeah you too.
Excuse me? How do I get to Terminal 3? Thanks. Kuala Lumpur first then Phuket. Yeah, solo. No boyfriend.
Shoes too? I don’t have a belt. Where’s gate 1?
Excuse me, I’m 5B. Water, please. Eyes close head leans baby cries stomach drops.
Seatbelt sign off click click click grab backpack. Thanks, you too.
Excuse me, where’s L9? Thanks. Shoes too? I don’t have a belt. Phuket.
Do you accept visa? Vegetarian panini and espresso please.
Are you waiting in line? Toilet flush hair in ponytail check email read book.
Excuse me, I’m seat 28B. Are you A? No problem. Criss crossed eyes closed headphones in reggae.
Can I have a boarding card? Thanks. 5 days. Just visiting. Yeah, solo. No boyfriend.
Taxi? Bangtao Beach. Bang-tao. Chillhub Hostel. Here’s the map does that help? Thanks, keep the change.
Hi, I’m Josie. Rozell. American. Yeah, solo, no boyfriend. Oh lovely, perfect. Shoes off door opens air cool.
Backpack unzip wash face brush teeth go pee whoa that’s dark drink water. Change clothes put on shoes.
Start walking door opens air cool select grapes select water bottle select red bean paste filled green tea cake thanks have a nice day.
Door closes sandals walk on concrete suddenly Adaman sea heart beats sandals walk on sand sun starting to sink.
Lay out blanket criss crossed drink water eat grapes watch sunset ocean on fire purple sky smile so much smiling.
Music in reggae on eyes close body sways sun dips ocean swirls purple sky.
Breathe breathe dance. No one sees me. Dance reggae sun gone.
Dark night lightning flashes reggae beats thunder beats lightning over the sea.
Fold blanket put in backpack throw away trash drink water walk walk.
Just sit anywhere? Red wine and bruschetta, please. Write poetry read book listen to lightning listen to thunder to rain to tropical rain.
Ah, perfect, thank you. Swirl sniff sip ahh. Crunch sip crunch sip ahh.
Check please. Have a nice evening. Walk walk light rain heavy thunder big lightning.
Wash face brush teeth snuggle into pajamas.
Thunder crash lightning outlines window tucked under blanket cool air headphones in Lost in Translation.
Power off. Snuggle under covers don’t set alarm eyelids waver breath slows deepens eyes close.
Day one in Phuket.



Peace and blessings,


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