It seems some days I have few needs;
A shower and a snack.
Accompanied with a bottle of water—
Haven’t had much of that.

It seems some days I long for—
Yes all I long to manage—
The wafting smell of lavender soap
And a stomach of bananas.

Once my needs are managed
And my mind is set at peace,
I turn off all the lights and music
To breath in the release.

I keep the curtains open
To hear the rain which swells—
It sounds like Mother Nature needs
This kind of day as well.

I lay upon my purple sheets
And fill my belly full with air,
My hand which dangles off the side
Brushes Tennyson on the chair.

To remind myself I’m breathing
I count to holy numbers,
Before I realized what has happened
I find my state in slumber.

My dreams are raging ponies
Swishing back across the prairie,
Wearing cotton dressing gowns
And looking very merry.

They ask me to come and join them,
My lavender-scented self,
And suddenly I’ve grown four legs
With a furry brown rear shelf.

We gallop across the prairie
To the beat of conscious thunder,
And to my pleasant dreaming self
All needs no more to wonder.

I wake, a few long years have passed
And my breathing has gone lapse.
I find that all I really needed;
A shower, snack, and nap.


The reader brings his or her own experience to the poem and creates meaning. Here is my experience.

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