I don’t have internet at my cave of wonders, only at International school, or the little street-side Internet cafes if I so choose.

While for the first couple of days this was terribly burdensome and made me feel quite unsteady—especially since I had no way of getting ahold of my Indonesian contact who was to meet me on my first day of school—I have learned something already after only six days.

It doesn’t actually matter.

Yes, it would be helpful to be able to work on my marketing internship writing and to email back and forth with my boss. It would be nice to check emails and Facebook and the blog and the stats and do a bit of light internet reading in my spare time. It would be soothing to look at pictures of friends or my own Google Photos from the last time I pranced around the world.

But. It doesn’t actually matter.

Instead what I get to do is sit in my little red chair which I draw by the window so I can watch the clouds start to gather and spill their contents on the clay roof above me. I get to sit here with my pen and my paper—or my laptop if I want—and I get to write. Uninterrupted by the things I used to think were necessary.

Oh, maybe I could insert a quote here, that would strengthen the post. Maybe I should do some more research on cloud formations so I could add a bit of scientific parnash to the post. Maybe I should check my email in case Brandy emailed me and wants me to fix the word doc.

Yeah, or I could just write.

But I don’t, I find, when that’s not my only option.

So I am thankful that for now, as the school day is over and the world is drawing curtain, I don’t have the options. Instead I have my jump rope. Instead I have a dinner of noodles. Instead I have a book. Instead I have music already downloaded to my phone, so I don’t have to waste time looking for more.

If I want to add a quote to this post, I can do that at school tomorrow. If I want to add in some scientific garbles, I can do that tomorrow. My email inbox can wait until tomorrow. I can’t post this now anyways, so even that can wait. Until tomorrow.

Even for the first two days when I was settling in and wandering around, there was a sort of…soothingness to my agitation over the fact that I couldn’t contact my family or my Indonesian supervisor or my friends. I didn’t have any other choice but to be devoted to exploration. I knew that I would meet Arlin at 9 a.m. on Monday morning, and that’s all that I needed to know.

I couldn’t double-check with her. I couldn’t do any research on the school that I would be teaching at, or the curriculum I would be using. I could do nothing but explore and nest and settle in.

So I don’t know. I’m definitely glad to have WiFi. It would be difficult to keep up with a blog or my marketing internship back in Kansas if it weren’t for the internet.

Maybe what I’m really saying is that I like sitting here. Undistracted. If I had a stronger discipline I could do this regardless of internet. So maybe that’s on me. While I work on this, freeing myself from the luring burden of distractions under any circumstances, I am glad of the practice which life is currently dealing me.

I get to be here. Bathing in the dusk. Listening to Darlingside. Smelling the impending rain.


Peace and Blessings,


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