The epidemic first reared its head in late April of this year, and has already reached a suspected case count of over 350,000 as of July 17th

In 2017, several states have experienced acute outbreaks already, namely Michigan, Kentucky, Utah, Colorado, and California.

Each state varies in regards to outbreak onset and population affected, but one similarity has emerged among these states where those driving Cadillac SUVs and clocking more than 80-hour work-weeks (80+ers) have been the largely affected population.

Luckily, the confirmed cases have not recently traveled outside of the country. So far, there has been no known connection or contact between the cases, except for the cluster found in Revere, which has the highest prevalence of cases amongst the overworked.


To which epidemic do we refer?

The lack of singing in cars.

On my way to and from the high school at which I student teach–a jaunty 30-minute commute both ways–I get the extreme pleasure of stopping at six stoplights and observing perpendicular traffic.

I spent my twelve minutes today peering into the drivers’ side windows at the faces of these individuals.

Not a single one of those lonely suckers was singing. Not a single one. Instead they were tight-lipped and angry. I could see the little frowns knitting the brows even from where I was.

Those who weren’t angry were focused. Extremely focused. As if the only thing that constituted a successful life was the ability to cross this intersection perfectly.

Those who weren’t angry or focused looked bored. As if the burden of driving a car was too obvious to bother caring about.

Those who weren’t angry or focused or bored still weren’t singing.

I thought to myself, nestled as I was in my chanting to Rainbow Kitten Surprisewhy isn’t there at least one singing person in the hoard of cars around me? 

It made me a little sad, to be honest. I wonder if this has to do with the seriousness that we’ve attributed to our days. That we’ve got to focus, we’ve got to settle down now, we’ve got to concentrate. So there’s no room for singing.

So I sang a bit louder. And I hope you, too, will sing a bit louder next time. Let’s put an end to this epidemic.

Peace and blessings,



3 Comments on “On the move; new epidemic sweeps Kansas

    • Hmm…I would liken this to an inoculation. Small doses of musical stoppage in order to maintain dignity and preserve the song for your ears alone. But, as with inoculations, sometimes a controversial topic.


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