Would you like to have a super productive day?

Tell yourself you’re going to get up early and spend the entire morning writing.

If you tell yourself this, and truly carve out the morning for this purpose, you’ll get to the afternoon with a load of things accomplished:

Your hair will look fantastic albeit a little flat, because you’ve gently combed it and then  scrunched it and styled it about three times.

Your skin will be very refreshed, because you’ve washed your face four times and moisturized more properly than you ever have before.

Your abs will feel tight, because you’ve done 350 sit-ups (although you will feel a little guilty for all the spoonfuls of peanut butter you’ve consumed on your trips down to the kitchen).

You will be incredibly hydrated, thanks to the seven cups of tea you have made in half as many hours. And you’ll feel light and buoyant because you’ve gone to the bathroom once every 20 minutes.

You’ll meet your step-goal for the day, perhaps even pass it, from pacing back and forth around the room.

The carpet will be nice and fresh from the vacuuming you’ve done after you tried to arrange yourself and the laptop on the floor–the third arrangement this morning–and found a couple strands of hair sitting unholy on the carpet fibers.

Your dog will be the happiest she has ever been, because of all the strokes per minute.

You’ll be proud of yourself because you’ll open all the letters and bills that have been collecting on your desk for the previous weeks, and maybe you’ll even crack open that Western Kansas frontier-life poetry you grabbed from the “Free Books” pile at the public library.

You’ll make it to the light of the afternoon pouring in through the windows you’ve cleaned, and you’ll look at all you have done today. And while you might have accomplished much, you’ll be reminded:

One cannot come lightly to the blank page.

Peace and Blessings,


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