Starting exactly at midnight on Saturday morning, I ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 42 hours.

This kind of training weekend has benefitted me the most for the looming 100-miler; in fact, I can’t imagine a better sort of weekend.

I practiced starting and starting and starting at all times of the day, in all states of sleep-deprivation.

Because of the nature of this adventure, because it was something new for me, because I knew that no one else was doing this…I actually had fun with it.

Through success and failure I’ve compiled a little list of tips for making this kind of endeavor manageable and–dare I say it!–enjoyable.

  • Make each run a little different, but plan it ahead so you can do it reflexively:
    • I had 6 different routes on multiple terrains; hilly, trail, road, etc. I ran those 6 routes and then I ran them again.
    • I switched between audiobook (Return of Tarzan of the Apes), silence, music, silence, podcast, silence, (repeat). I knew what was going to happen next, I didn’t have to decide.
    • I wore the same running clothes each time, except I switched between shirts every four runs. I would have changed clothes more often if it had been warmer.
  • Stretch after each run!
  • Eat a little after each run (or a lot, really, I ate a lot of peanut butter this weekend)
    • Drink even more than you eat. Make sure you don’t miss this step when you go back to sleep during the night runs.
  • When it comes to the night times, it’s tempting to go to sleep in the clothes you just ran in, when you have to run in a few hours again. But don’t! Give your body a chance to . . . air out (to put it cordially).
    • Two more minutes of undressing / dressing will save you from chaffing in the long run.
  • Welcome the sleepiness. Know that it’s going to be hard to go straight to bed after you finish the midnight / 4am runs. Know that it’s going to make you stronger. 
  • Write it all down
    • For the first 3 times, I began my run on the hour exactly. After that, it became a sort of challenge: I’ve got to start on the hour! Got to! That little boost of competitiveness gave me the push to just go run each time.
  • Use the time in between running efficiently. You’ve segmented your day nicely; I used these segments to hyper-concentrate on 3 things I REALLY needed to get done for each day, and ended up being more productive than usual on Saturdays.
  • Excuses don’t have to exist. I had 2 meetings in Emporia on Sunday; I ran before and after each meeting.
  • Let yourself feel the swells of pride after each run. The hits of dopamine. Ride that. Be proud of yourself.


Start Stop Distance (mi) Pace (m/mi) Route Noise Elevation (ft)
00:00 00:37 4.08 9:17 Linear e. a-book 20
04:00 04:37 4.22 9:37 MHK hill silence 177
08:00 08:38 4.24 9:02 L.buster music 331
12:00 12:36 4.06 8:56 Linear w silence 72
16:00 16:37 4.27 8:47 Girl scout park podcast 338
20:00 20:37 4.37 8:38 M Stadium silence 108
00:00 00:38 4.16 9:11 Linear e a-book 36
04:00 04:36 4.09 8:52 MHK hill silence 89
08:00 08:36 4.11 9:00 L.buster music 308
12:00 12:35 4.15 8:38 Linear e music 59
17:16 17:56 4.06 9:30 Emporia silence 243

Total: 45.81 miles

Average pace: 9:04/mile

Hours: 42


Peace and Blessings,


5 Comments on “4 Miles / 4 Hours / 42 Hours

  1. I’m so glad you posted the data! So fun to look at. (Were you not tempted to include charts? Yes, a line graph would make sense, but I would be thrilled to see some kind of pie chart (somehow…). Why not both?


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