A little girl with bluetooth headphones in a front lawn saturated with sun is unstoppable.

She squeezes her eyes shut and a slow smile dances unapologetically across her cheeks. Her belly is round with the allowance of youth and her purple shirt slyly tags itself up to her belly button.

She’s Little Girl with Bluetooth Headphones, what does she care for the revelation of such a soft palate?

She begins with a ponytail, as they do. It’s arched high and secured tightly, tight enough for her to feel the skin of her face stretch and grow taller.

She allows the ponytail to swish around her, at the beginning, light and soft, like a whisper or the first bite of a soft cookie dipped in milk. Her hips begin to paddle back and forth, testing the waters.

Her arms hang unclenched next to her hips and as she rows through the waters, they swing in time with her ponytail.

Her feet remain snuggled against the grass, sandwiched in the purple fuzzy socks her mom told her were for not outside.

A minute goes by, and she sways.

Her lips part and she mouths the words nuzzling into her soul; she feels the pulse of the music like she feels the pulse of the afternoon sun like she feels the pulse of her hips rowing.

The tempo rises, now, and Little Girl with Bluetooth Headphones amps up her game.

She adds a soft bend to the knees. More velocity to the hips. An arch in the upper back. She can feel the shifting in the pads of her coated feet.

There are cars passing in the street in front of her house. There are men and women walking swiftly by on their way back to the office from lunch. There are chores to be done in the house and school to be attended to.

But she’s Little Girl with Bluetooth Headphones, and she is untethered to it all.

Peace and Blessings,



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